Wendy Coffey
Crystal Director - Damsel in Defense
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About Me

  HI! I'm Wendy Coffey. Thanks for visiting my page. I'd like to share a little about myself and my "why" for being in this business.

I've been with Damsel in Defense since April 2013. I met my mentor at a gun show. I was in a hurry that day and had to rush by, but saw the products and loved the idea immediately.  I remember asking one question - Is this like Tupperware? Can I sign up to represent these products? YES you can, was the answer. I took a card and signed up the next day. I'd never had any interest in any other direct sales type of business, but this was something that personally touched me. I wanted to do this right away.

I've always been very cautious when it comes to safety - I had to be. I was a single mother. I was the only one to make sure my son was safe, and....I had to make sure I was safe even when he wasn't with me -  because he needed me. I meet so many women these days who have never even thought of their safety. I can't imagine. My mother instilled in me a need for safety, and I'm thankful for that. It's served me well. It didn't keep me from getting mixed up with the wrong people when I was young and dumb and thought I knew it all. I got in an abusive relationship despite what I'd been told. But thankfully I was able to see what I'd gotten myself into early on, and thankfully I was able to get out safely. I'll never forget how it felt to be defenseless. I never want to be that again. I don't want anyone else to be either, and that's why this mission is so important to me.

That was many, many years ago.  I am now happily married. Have one son, 3 grandkids, and 2 poodles. I enjoy gardening, boating, watching movies with my hubby, facebooking, and playing CSI on my kindle. Although I'm retired from my wedding cake business at www.coffeycakes.com, , I do still make a cake from time to time and have a love/hate relationship with that.  Life is good.

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